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Your ability to work with people sets you apart from the majority of people in your field, most of whom, it seems, would prefer to interact with computers than people! I also tremendously value your flexibility in designing a site that works specifically for my needs, as well as working with me in a way that works best for me. -Reba Linker, Author & Coach

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Essential Elements of an Effective About Page – Part 2

  When I design or review a site for a client, I use a checklist (download it here) to ensure the site contains all the essential elements of an effective About page. Clear, effective content is first on the list. In my last post, I wrote about three ways to approach writing the copy for your About page. […]

How to Avoid Sharing More Than You Want To On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Avoid a Common Mistake A few months ago I decided to tweak the wording of the job title on my LinkedIn profile. In the process I made a mistake I always warn the students in my local LinkedIn class about making (do as I say, not as I do, right?). When […]

How to update plug-ins

Today I’m sharing a video from a new series on my YouTube channel, WordPress Beginner Tips. Whenever I design a website, I do a WordPress training session with the client to show them how to update the site and give them documentation. But because there’s a lot of information shared during the training session, I […]

Why You Should Make Your Emails Uglier for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Have you noticed that some of the marketing emails you’re receiving lately are a bit… plain? Instead of colorful, beautifully branded templates, I’m seeing more and more plain vanilla, less-than-beautiful missives in my inbox. There’s a reason for that, and it’s probably sitting on your desk right now. At the end of 2013, mobile email […]