How to Avoid Sharing More Than You Want To On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Avoid a Common Mistake

A few months ago I decided to tweak the wording of the job title on my LinkedIn profile. In the process I made a mistake I always warn the students in my local LinkedIn class about making (do as I say, not as I do, right?).

When making changes to your LinkedIn profile, you can choose whether your connections see a notification about those changes or not. Sometimes you want people to see all of your updates. If you were just promoted, opened a new business, or are job seeking after a layoff, you’ll probably want to broadcast that news all over town.

But sometimes you don’t want everyone to receive alerts about every change you make. Because I forgot to turn notifications off, when I edited my job title my connections saw the notification “Erin Howard has a new job” on their LinkedIn home page updates. I was suddenly getting congratulations from my network on my new position.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I did get one message from a connection asking if I had closed my business! Not the message I want to send about my brand.

Leaving these notifications on can have more serious consequences. Suppose you’re looking for a new job and don’t want your current company to know. Your manager might get suspicious if they see they see you’ve been making a lot of updates to your profile lately.

So how do you turn these updates off?

Until recently, this option was buried deep in your profile settings. It was hard to find and easy to forget whether you had turned notifications on or off.

Luckily, LinkedIn recently made it much easier to control this.

When editing your profile, look in the right sidebar below Who’s Viewed Your Profile. Now you can easily see whether profile change notifications are turned On or Off, and quickly toggle them back and forth as you like.


LinkedIn profile notifications button screenshot

Go forth and network without worrying about inadvertent oversharing on LinkedIn!