How to Track LeadPages Subscriptions in MailChimp

If you use LeadPages for your landing pages and MailChimp for your email marketing, you’ll find this video incredibly useful (the rest of you can skip today’s post – see you soon). I like a lot of things about MailChimp, but they have some work to do to make it easier to segment your list and […]

What The Beatles Can Teach You About Attracting People to Your Home Page

What can you learn about marketing from a rock supergroup who broke up 45 years ago? Turns out, they can teach us a lot about business and marketing. I’m a huge Beatles fan, even though they split up before I was born (which would come as a surprise to my 7-year-old, who recently asked me if […]

Essential Elements of an Effective About Page – Part 2

  When I design or review a site for a client, I use a checklist (download it here) to ensure the site contains all the essential elements of an effective About page. Clear, effective content is first on the list. In my last post, I wrote about three ways to approach writing the copy for your About page. […]

How to Avoid Sharing More Than You Want To On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Makes It Easier to Avoid a Common Mistake A few months ago I decided to tweak the wording of the job title on my LinkedIn profile. In the process I made a mistake I always warn the students in my local LinkedIn class about making (do as I say, not as I do, right?). When […]

How to update plug-ins

Today I’m sharing a video from a new series on my YouTube channel, WordPress Beginner Tips. Whenever I design a website, I do a WordPress training session with the client to show them how to update the site and give them documentation. But because there’s a lot of information shared during the training session, I […]

Why You Should Make Your Emails Uglier for Better Mobile Email Marketing

Have you noticed that some of the marketing emails you’re receiving lately are a bit… plain? Instead of colorful, beautifully branded templates, I’m seeing more and more plain vanilla, less-than-beautiful missives in my inbox. There’s a reason for that, and it’s probably sitting on your desk right now. At the end of 2013, mobile email […]

Five Reasons Email Marketing Is Still Vital to Your Business

“Are people really still doing email marketing? Isn’t it all social media now?” This question, posed to me recently by a freelance photographer, threw me for a loop. Then the following week I spoke to a prospective client who claimed “All the successful bloggers I’ve spoken to are starting to abandon email.” Really? That’s news […]

Exporting web form data from your site with Gravity Forms

One of my absolute favorite WordPress plug-ins is Gravity Forms (I love them so much I became an affiliate). Gravity Forms allows you to create contact forms on your site. I’ve tried a few free contact form plug-ins and while there are some good ones, they all seemed unnecessarily complicated to me. I love their […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Running Facebook Ads

Though many of my clients and colleagues have had great success with Facebook ads, I haven’t done much with them for promoting my own business. Facebook made several changes in 2013 which made it much harder for brands to reach their fans without paid promotions. While I had a Streamline Facebook page, I wanted to […]

Introducing The Ultimate Internet Marketing Resource Guide for Entrepreneurs!

One of the great things about doing business in 2014 is the availability of great resources for doing business online. There are thousands upon thousands of great apps, blogs, classes and more to help you work better, smarter, and faster. The downside of all this information at your fingertips? It gets really overwhelming researching and trying […]