Exporting web form data from your site with Gravity Forms

fill out formOne of my absolute favorite WordPress plug-ins is Gravity Forms (I love them so much I became an affiliate).

Gravity Forms allows you to create contact forms on your site. I’ve tried a few free contact form plug-ins and while there are some good ones, they all seemed unnecessarily complicated to me. I love their easy drag and drop interface.

Many people don’t realize that Gravity Forms also makes it really easy to collect data from your site visitors and export it to use for other purposes. For instances, if you want to do a survey of your customers, Gravity Forms will store all the information they enter in your website database.

Then, if you want to compile and analyze the data you can export it to a spreadsheet, your email marketing service, your customer database, and so on. It’s a piece of cake after you learn how to do it.

So I’ve put together a video to show you how!

This also marks the launch of the Streamline YouTube channel. What other “how to” video topics would you like me to cover? Let me know in the comments or fill out the form here.