How to Track LeadPages Subscriptions in MailChimp

If you use LeadPages for your landing pages and MailChimp for your email marketing, you’ll find this video incredibly useful (the rest of you can skip today’s post – see you soon).

I like a lot of things about MailChimp, but they have some work to do to make it easier to segment your list and track where your leads are coming from. LeadPages’ usually stellar documentation was also oddly lacking here.

My goal was simple – when someone opts into my email list from a landing page set up in LeadPages, I want to be able to flag and separate them from the crowd in my MailChimp account so I can customize the emails they receive.

For instance, when someone subscribes to my guide How to Grow Your Email List (Without Being a Jerk), they receive an email with a link to the guide, followed by a series of emails related to email marketing. If someone subscribes to my list because they’re interested in web design, their first few emails from me are related to website marketing. I can’t make sure each person receives the correct email unless I can identify where they came from once they’re in MailChimp.

There is a way to set up your LeadPages landing page and MailChimp account to make this happen, but it’s rather involved and not remotely intuitive. I recorded a screencast showing how to do it.